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Banss America|Meat Processing and Slaughtering Automation EquipmentMeat Processing and Slaughtering Equipment

Mon. 14.01.2019

Fresh start for traditional company BANSS

Faster, more flexible and individual: The specialist for slaughtering and materials handling technology is going on the offensive again with a new investor

Fri. 03.08.2018

Promising search for investors at BANSS about to be completed

Promising search for investors at BANSS about to be completed

Wed. 25.04.2018

BANSS restructuring under self-administration

BANSS restructuring under self-administration


After Sales Service

  • Christian Müller
    +49 6461 705-291
  • Florian Rindte
    +49 6461 705-297
  • Lisa Otto
    +49 6461 705-382
  • Daria Lukyanova
    +49 6461 705-405

Contact persons

Biedenkopf - Headquarters

  • Switchboard --
    +49 6461 705-0


  • Jürgen Weiß
    +49 6461 705-0

Sales Director

  • Harald Weide - - hweide(at)
    +49 6461 705-201

Commercial Director

  • Thilo Weide
    +49 6461 705-144
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