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Mon. 14.01.2019

Fresh start for traditional company BANSS

Fri. 03.08.2018

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BANSS America

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First Australian slaughtering robot is a BANSS product

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BANSS - German World Market Leader

Thu. 20.01.2011

BANSS receives the AEO-certificate


Mon. 14.01.2019

Fresh start for traditional company BANSS


Faster, more flexible and individual:
The specialist for slaughtering and materials handling technology is going on the offensive again with a new investor

The new BANSS GmbH in Biedenkopf, Hesse commenced business operations at the start of this year. “BANSS is a renowned plant construction company, and we will lead it back to success with fresh ideas and new structures,” says the company’s managing partner Jürgen Weiß.

After more than 140 years in business, the manufacturer of slaughtering and materials handling technology was forced to file for insolvency with self-administration in April of 2018. Standard insolvency proceedings commenced in August of 2018 and Silvio Höfer of the law firm anchor Rechtsanwälte was appointed as the insolvency administrator. After sales negotiations with several prospects failed, the company was taken over in December by Jürgen Weiß, owner of JWE-Baumann GmbH of Aalen in Baden-Württemberg. “Three reasons spoke in favour of this,” says Jürgen Weiß. “BANSS has a good name known in the industry around the world, a highly motivated team and a very good product portfolio.” Initially the company will continue to focus on service and replacement parts production for slaughter lines. BANSS will resume offering complete slaughter lines as the next step.

The consulting firm FalkenSteg Corporate Finance was entrusted with the sale of BANSS. Johannes von Neumann-Cosel, partner at FalkenSteg, is pleased about the new ownership: “BANSS has found a good new home with JWE-Baumann. The company will flourish again under the leadership of the Weiß family along with Thilo Weide and Harald Weide. We are happy to have found such a goal-oriented and energetic investor.”

In addition to the technical facilities and around 30 employees remaining at the time of the takeover, Jürgen Weiß also acquired all of the old BANSS company’s intangible assets – patents, rights to names and design plans. “Combined with the know-how of the employees, these assets constitute an extremely valuable basis for the future.” Another weighty argument in favour of the takeover was that BANSS and JWE-Baumann complement each other very well. While JWE-Baumann GmbH, which is among the world’s leading suppliers of scalding and hair removal systems in particular, mainly focuses on midsize enterprises as its key target group, the BANSS product range includes systems for quantities on an industrial scale. “BANSS can carry on where JWE-Baumann has stopped to date,” says Jürgen Weiß. “Ultimately the expansion means a major upgrade in terms of service and the product range for both companies, because we have the right solutions for customers from craft enterprises all the way to corporate groups.”

Collaboration and cooperation are expressly desired even though the two companies continue to be managed separately. “For example, we are able to offer JWE-Baumann systems for smaller slaughtering operations with materials handling technology from BANSS going forward,” says Weiß. “That will benefit both companies over the long term.” Initial market reactions confirm Jürgen Weiß’s position. “So far the feedback from both BANSS and JWE-Baumann customers is consistently positive.”

The highest quality, technical innovations and individual service: with these three principles, Jürgen Weiß developed a two-man operation into the speciality mechanical engineering firm JWE-Baumann operating worldwide in just over 20 years. The realignment of BANSS is now also based on these guidelines. “We have plenty of know-how, experience and commitment,” says Jürgen Weiß. “What we need now are flat hierarchies so we can respond more quickly with greater flexibility and address individual customer requirements. That will make BANSS more competitive with the market leaders.”

Insolvency administrator Silvio Höfer already implemented the first steps of the realignment. “Continuing the service and replacement parts business when insolvency proceedings commenced was an essential step to save the company. This allowed the profitable part of the company with around 30 jobs in Biedenkopf to be maintained,” says Silvio Höfer.

Jürgen Weiß plans to retain the Biedenkopf site, and to invest in product innovations and technology there. Updating the IT system is the first step. Then the number of BANSS employees will also grow again over the medium to long term. “It is important for us to maintain a size that will allow us to handle large systems, but not force us to accept every order at any price,” says Jürgen Weiß.

BANSS started out in 1868 as a craft enterprise for model metalworking and wrought ironwork in Biedenkopf. Slaughtering technology has been manufactured since 1935. BANSS developed into one of the global market leaders for slaughtering and meat processing systems as well as storage and cold room systems, at times employing more than 200 people.

JWE was founded in 1996 by Jürgen Weiß in Aalen as a trading firm for replacement parts and used machines. The construction of its own scalding and hair removal machines began more than two years later. In 2005 the traditional butcher shop machinery manufacturer Oskar Baumann from Stuttgart was taken over. Systems from JWE-Baumann are operated in some 60 countries. The company is considered the global market leader in the technologically highly demanding segment of goat hair removal in particular.

11 January 2019

Contact for enquiries:
Jürgen Weiß
Telephone: 06461/705-0